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The NLP MasterCLASS practice group was set up in 2004 by Tina Taylor and Steve Crabb, two NLP Society approved LICENSED MASTER TRAINERS OF NLP. Both Tina and Steve have been Head Assistants to Dr Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and John LaValle and have helped train 1000's in practitioner, master practitioner and Trainers Trainings.  They are successful Hypnotherapists and life coaches and provide a unique opportunity with this practice group for you to learn, practice and have fun.

"One of the reasons Steve Crabb and I set up a Practice Group in London is to help people acquire the skills and expertise they need; whether they want these skills to improve their business, to be a NLPer, Coach, Hypnotherapist or use these skills for their personal life.

Over the past couple of decades that I’ve been running training courses, and as part of the La Valle Team I’ve noticed a pattern with a lot of the students.  After the course they post on line, on social media, with questions. Asking about what technique to use in certain situations and where can they go to improve their skills. 

These courses are experiential, and once completed the best way to improve like all things, is to practice, practice and practice some more.

There are exercises in the back of your manuals, these are there to help you with your practice.  Completing and repeating these exercises will improve your skills. Many of them wont have been covered in the course you attended and are there specifically for you to experiment with after the course.

Some people prefer to practice with other Practitioners and there are groups that you can join; the NLPMasterCLASS membership group runs session monthly online.  The first Thursday of the month there is a session on practicing your practice, building your skills; on the second Thursday there is a session on building your practice, dealing with the business aspects and on the third Thursday we have our AHA Session where you can ask Steve or I anything.

And a few times each year we will be asking Master Trainers to come along to a live webinar for you.

All these sessions are recorded and available to our members on the membership site, so no matter whereabouts you are, no matter your time zone you will receive the benefit of our experience and expertise.

Getting back to the question re what technique should I use, this is a very difficult question to answer. The person asking for assistance has made up their mind on the problem through their filters, and its difficult to know if they are explaining what is or what they think is the problem.  

I remember many years ago hearing Richard Bandler answer such a questions on one of his workshops; his response was the best technique to use is the one that works.  How you use/deliver the technique will depend on various things and of course there is no one size fits all for a response.

The practice group gives you a place to practice the various techniques as well as the opportunity to ask those questions and discover how to put it all together.  

Once of the things I love about NLP and Hypnosis is just how easy it is for these methods to be used to help all sorts of issues, and how easy it is to pull everything together for your clients; you just follow the processes and it all slots into place.

By using the process it all becomes very simple and the answers you seek are just there in your clients answers. Once you have the strategy its easy.

Click this link to the NLP MasterClass page to get more details, and whilst your there get your free EBook NLP For the World and listen to our podcasts too.