World Wide MasterCLASS practice group


The World Wide MasterCLASS practice group was set up by Tina Taylor and Steve Crabb, two NLP Society approved MASTER TRAINERS. Both Tina and Steve have been Head Assistants to Dr Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and John LaValle and have helped train 1000's in practitioner, master practitioner and Trainers Trainings.  They are successful Hypnotherapists and life coaches and provide a unique opportunity with this practice group for you to learn, practice and have fun.

The practice group is open to anyone whether a complete novice with no experience whatsoever to skilled trainers. It is a chance to meet, to try out, to experiment, to learn and to have fun.

The group meet for a whole day several times throughout the year, and there are also occasional evening meetings.  To register to be kept informed of our meetings please contact us using the Contact Us form.