Hypnosis – how it works By Tina Taylor

I’ve been thinking recently about the misconceptions people have with hypnosis.  My clients come to see me either as a last resort and are not sure how hypnosis can help them but have heard how powerful it is; whilst others come looking for the easy way out. 

Looking for someone to put them into a trance and suddenly all their problems are solved.  The hypnotist using some magical words “You are getting sleepy ... and calm, and thin, and .......... “

Years ago some people believed that hypnosis was bad, and it was thought that if you took peoples problems away that it would pop out somewhere else…….  Something that was thought to be proved by some; who found that they could hypnotise a subject and remove their problems only to find that they came back later.

Over time as we have learnt more about human behavior and our unconscious, we have found ways to negate this issue.

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