Hypnosis is a word, that describes a state that we enter into in many ways, through meditation, prayer, fantasies, imagination, day dreaming, guided imagery and relaxation. It’s a process that takes your focus of attention inside.

A trance is a state of focused inner awareness; and when this happens all other things that are happening around you just seem to disappear. You are aware of the outside occurrences on another level whilst the conscious mind is occupied; the unconscious mind filters out things that are not necessary at that point in time.  When in a dream state whether sleeping, relaxing or in a trance your unconscious mind is functioning on a level that allows easier access to your unconscious resources with direct and indirect suggestions and imagery.  This is the reason that hypnosis is so successful.

You know how when you watch a film, your attention gets focused on the screen, and you notice less of what's going on around you? With a really good film, it can go on for maybe three hours and yet the time just flies by.

That's an example of a trance, and we go in and out of trances all the time. We have different trances, different states of consciousness, for different occasions. Chilling out with friends is a very different experience to focusing on an important task. Preparing for a night out requires you to go into an altered state when you fantasise about the fun you're going to have. And so on.

Hypnotherapy is about making use of the different trances and states that we go into and out of. In particular, a hypnotherapist like Tina Taylor will help you to relax and tap into resources you're normally unconscious of. And in that state of comfortable attentiveness, changes are made with ease through communicating with the unconscious.

It's the unconscious where most of the important stuff happens. You can't regulate your body processes consciously, or learn to speak that way, and it's the same when it comes to dealing with problems. If we could make them disappear by thinking about them, they would. But that's not how it is. It's by working with the unconscious in an altered state that changes happen.