Women receive all kinds of conflicting messages about pregnancy and birth. The media demonises both older and younger mothers, so what sort of age 'should' a woman be when she becomes a mother? And hospitals, though they are supposed to be welcoming for this magical experience, are often intimidating places.

Combine factors like those with the very personal experiences a woman has of her own body's ways, and it's no wonder that some women find fertility a difficult subject. Tina Taylor has developed solutions incorporating hypnotherapy and NLP to assist women to become pregnant more easily, and to make childbirth a joyous experience.

Sharon Citron, a 41 year old came to see Tina because of fibroids. She was told that even IVF was unlikely to be successful for her due to other issues that she encountered once she started her IVF consultation. After a couple of sessions with Tina, doctors were stumped when Sharon became pregnant naturally – something they said would never happen. Sharon is the mother of a healthy girl, Leonie.

Many women who come to see Tina with issues surrounding Fertility have very similar stories. They have waited to have children either because they didn’t find Mr Right earlier or maybe because they wanted financial stability first never expecting to have problems getting pregnant. Many come to try out hypnosis as a last resort not really knowing what to expect.

There are many factors responsible for infertility, and hypnotherapy can create a satisfactory state of mind for pregnancy and labour by removing any fears or obstacles, whether they are conscious or unconscious.

The use of Hypnotherapy has proven to be useful in helping with fertility a study in Israel found that women using hypnosis whilst having IVF treatment doubled their success, as it can work with your unconscious mind to address any emotional blockage. It helps you deal with any negative feelings or fears that you may have, whilst giving you resources and strategies that you can use now and in the future.

As well as offering individual support to women wanting her to increase their fertility, Tina has produced an acclaimed CD to reach a greater number of women than she could ever do in person.

"After having fertility treatments for the last three years, I had found myself becoming more despondent and pessimistic as time has gone on. I had completely lost sight of my goal a baby! Tina's fertility CD has made me take time for myself, completely relaxing and focusing on me. After dwelling on the negatives so long, Tina and her CD have changed my perspective and now I feel excited, optimistic and positive." A.Q.


"I can’t thank Tina enough for the help she gave me with her fertility sessions – despite having endromesios and polycystic ovaries I now have a beautiful 5 month old son. I also used her hypnobirthing CDs to help me relax before my cesarian and they kept me in the zone throughout the procedure and I use many of the relaxation exercises everyday." Michelle.

In 2001 a friend asked me to help her achieve natural childbirth she had a teenage daughter and was disappointed that her first birth hadn’t been a natural one. We met and I began to design what later became the blue print for my childbirth classes. I was honored to be asked to be present at the birth also, and so got to review the system first hand so to speak.

Over the years, these classes have evolved and now contain a combination of hypnosis, NLP and DHE™ all designed to teach the mum to be how they can enter a deeply relaxed state during childbirth enabling them to have a more comfortable birth experience. Many of my students have asked during our classes whether they will actually be able to access the state needed during labour; they usually contact me afterwards to say how wonderful the whole process was for them and how they were able to relax and follow my instructions “just as I said they would”.

Personal sessions are available with Tina, whereby she will design a program of self hypnosis for you to use prior to, during and after the birth of your child.

Alternatively Tina's book Painless Childbirth will teach you exercises to enable you to achieve a natural birth experience.

This is what Paul McKenna, Master Hypnotist and Celebrated Author says about Tina's book; "Tina Taylor has written an excellent book for anyone expecting a baby. It’s a goldmine of techniques and helpful information. Tina’s years of experience and dedication to helping others have created a wonderful guide to making the experience of childbirth much easier".