What is NLP?

With two descriptions of NLP from two exemplars of the skills and attitudes that make it such a powerful way of creating change in yourself and others, you'll integrate and demonstrate twice as fast the learning that will put you on the fast track to personal freedom.

NLP is a holistic approach to living, based on an understanding of how to affect states of consciousness through language and physiology. You'll learn how to be at your best more often, naturally. And at your best, you're capable of achieving even more than you realise, whatever field you work in, however grand your dreams of a better future.

You'll explore the way that language shapes your thoughts, and discover how to sculpt them in more resonant and compelling ways, knowledge that you can use to influence others, too. The quality of life you lead is determined by the quality of questions you can ask, and NLP sharpens your thinking so that you ask better questions in your mind, and of people you deal with.

Body and mind function as one unit, and you'll understand more and more how to get the most out of that unit. Become your own coach, and guide yourself to achieving the results you've always dreamed of, for yourself and those in your life.

NLP is most known for its techniques, which is to misunderstand how NLP functions at its best. But the training includes tried-and-tested methods for dealing with phobias and anxieties, and other ways to get more of what you want in your life, and put to one side anything that's been holding you back.

The 21st century is about being able to process more information, quicker, than humans have ever had to before. Not only that, but less certainty is attached to any of the data in our lives: more than ever, we are having to deal with the reality of risk. In the absence of reliable fixed points, it becomes incumbent on the individual to find ways of moving forward by using whatever method works, and changing tack when current approaches are no longer tenable.

NLP is all about equipping people with behavioural agility, the flexibility to adapt and thrive in changing environments: economic, cultural, psychological and emotional. There is no better way to prepare for the rigours and rewards of the modern world than to train in NLP.

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